Apple Picking!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Today is the day! I am finally making some apple pie and I can't wait! With the chilly weather, it is definitely one of those cozy little days where pie making is a must. I also plan to make one of Mike's favorite meals - Bean and Barley Soup. The recipe was my grandmother's and it's also one of my all-time favorite fall/winter soups. If I get permission, I'll post it here! It would be pretty cool to have that recipe be the first on the blog. We'll see...

To kick off the fall season, we decided to plan a trip last weekend to Rock Hill Orchard in Mount Airy to pick apples. The day started off early in the city for the Baltimore Running Festival. Mike has run this race for the last few years and seems to really enjoy it. There are so many competitors so it's really fun for me to watch. It's pretty inspirational to see all these different people of all ages and all walks of life running for various organizations or even just for themselves. Mike always enters to raise money for Pacing for Parkinson's through Johns Hopkins. He has done it for the past three years and it's such a great cause.

Here he is at the race this year!

He finished 13.1 miles in 2 hours and 9 minutes! Something I'd never be able to do. He got two medals this year for running the "Doubler" as they call it. Basically, if you run both the Frederick Half Marathon earlier in the year and complete the Baltimore Half Marathon, you get a special designation for running two races.

I told Mike last year I would run the 5K since I was so inspired by all of the people running but you can clearly see how long that idea lasted. I have a serious self-discipline problem. Whether it's dedicating time to a certain project or a goal I have or even deciding whether or not to eat the last chocolate chip cookie after I've had 6 - I have very little self control. I always start things, but can never finish them. You could say I lose interest easily, but this blog is HOPEFULLY the first thing that breaks that cycle!

Anyway, after the race, we headed up to the orchard with Mike's family. Rock Hill sells all kinds of awesome things. They have a store with homemade ice cream, honey, sauces, fruits and vegetables, herbs, and all kinds of other fall goodies. They also have a pick-your-own pumpkin patch but we had just come for the apples. In the earlier months, you can pick berries and herbs too, so we'll definitely have to go back for that!

Here are some of the pictures from the day! Please excuse the poor quality Instagram photos.

These are now my favorite apples - Jonathan Apples!

Mike up in a tree...

This last photo of us was taken in downtown Mt. Airy before dinner. We ate at an adorable little restaurant called Laurienzo's. Mike got pizza and I had pumpkin stuffed ravioli. It was absolutely DELICIOUS!

The day was so fun and a good way to begin the season. I just can't wait to make that pie!

Happy Fall!

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