Cunningham Falls State Park

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's official: Hurricane Sandy is upon us. So far it's just been a bunch of heavy rain in our area but I know that this is just the beginning. The wind is starting to pick up and I know there is already a lot of flooding closer to the shore. We seem to be set to avoid any power problems here at my parents' house but I'm more worried about falling trees than anything else.

Mike had to go into work today and I was not happy about it. Especially since the Governor sent out a message last night urging everyone to stay home. Fortunately, Mike's plant is closing at 3PM so he should be home soon and they are already closed for tomorrow too. The state has closed most if not all schools and major businesses as well as all buses, trains, subways and such. They are calling this storm "historic" which is a little scary but I don't think that Maryland is going to get hit as hard as some of the other Northern states. I just pray that those who are required to go out in the storm stay safe.

On Saturday, Mike and I took a trip to Cunningham Falls State Park for a nice fall hike. We wanted to make sure we got to go before the hurricane came through because the leaves were so pretty and I knew that after the storm, they would all be gone. We packed a lunch and drove north to the William Houck entrance to the park. Mike and I share a strong love for hiking in general but I especially love to hike in the fall. The brightly colored leaves and the crisp air make the trip a bit more special to me. It's much more relaxing than hiking in the heat and beating sun with bees and mosquitoes all around you. I love hiking in the other seasons as well but there has always been something kind of magical about the fall.

We took the trail straight to the falls and spent a little time there taking pictures and climbing the rocks. We found a nice spot to sit up at the top and ate our lunch next to the water. It was very relaxing and nice to take some time to ourselves. We hiked down and then hooked up to a trail across the street. We really enjoyed the day and hope we can go back to the park again soon. There are so many trails through the Catoctin mountains that we want to travel and there are even parts of the Appalachian trail that run through the area.

I loved these spotted leaves! 

Prom Pose!

There was also a beautiful overlook on the Hog Rock trail. It was only about a half a mile up but it was gorgeous with all of the foliage around. The trail was covered with leaves so it made seeing the rocks and roots below a little tough but it was still worth it! If you're looking for a nice hiking area, head up to Thurmont, MD and check this place out.

We were lucky to get this in before the storm moved up the coast. Not sure when I'll be able to post again since we may not have power over the next few days, so once again, I hope that everyone stays safe! I'll check in again when I can. 

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