Food, Fun and Short Parades

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

This past weekend, Mike and I took a day trip to St. Michaels, Maryland for their Fall Into St. Michaels Festival. We typically try to go to St. Michaels at least once a year for their Fourth of July celebrations but this past year, there was a major storm that ripped through Maryland that prevented us from crossing the bridge. The "derecho" as they called it, caused power outages for large numbers of residents for almost a week and with temperatures reaching into the upper 90's, it was a miserable time. We tried to venture over to the Eastern Shore but we sat for about 40 minutes in traffic and only moved about five miles. Considering that St. Michaels is more than an hour from the Annapolis area where we were starting our journey, we didn't make it. To redeem ourselves, we planned a trip to their fall festival and it was so worth it!

The town itself is pretty historic and reminds us quite a bit of downtown Annapolis. With the old brick stone sidewalks, the quaint little homes and businesses, and the small town feel of the community, the town has a lot of charm. The festival itself runs throughout the weekend with different activities each day. Here is the flyer from their website that lists the events this year.


The whole town was decorated for the season and there were tons of little kids and adults dressed up in costumes. We had some delicious pulled pork sandwiches hot off the smoker on the deck at Marcoritaville. We had never eaten there but the smell of the barbecue was irresistible. Here's Mike and his almost bald head outside at the restaurant.

We also enjoyed a little Sam Adams Octoberfest before exploring the town.

The parade was fun, especially for the kids, but it was unbelievably short. We sat down near the curb to watch and after about 5 minutes, it was over. It dawned on us that the town is very small so it made sense that there weren't a lot of people in the parade. They had a couple of town groups, boy scouts, girl scouts, the fire department, and the small high school band. It was so funny and so cute at the same time.

After the parade, we went to Justine's for hot chocolate. They normally just sell ice cream but now they are also selling coffee and other drinks too! We always stop in on our trips here. I was also very excited because they now take credit cards! In the past, by the time we would get to Justine's we would always be out of cash for some strange reason and I always had to write checks, which I also found strange. 

Justine's was decorated too and Mike found a comfy seat next to the store's resident scarecrow. She had a name, but I can't remember what it was. Her boobs were also made of cones. She was quite attractive.

After relaxing for a bit with our drinks, we drove out to Tilghman Island to sit on the rocks and watch the sunset. It is an absolutely beautiful area and we always make a point to head out there if the weather is good. While it was a bit cloudy, we still had a wonderful view. 

It's definitely worth the trip. If you are ever looking for a cute place to go for a weekend getaway, St. Michaels is it! Hope you had a fantastic weekend!


  1. Looks like you had a blast! I love the photo of Mike on the bench with the scarecrow sooo funny! I know exactly what you mean about places not accepting credit cards! The farmers market we go to doesn't take them and we end up getting our groceries and then when we're in line we both realize neither of us has cash. Sucks!

    1. I was SO happy when I found out that they take them now! No more check writing! I really should start carrying more cash...