Hurricane Sandy

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

After all of the craziness that Hurricane Sandy brought the Northeast, we were extremely lucky. We stayed with my parents Sunday through Tuesday and the power only flickered a few times. We didn't have work on Monday or Tuesday so we ended up doing a lot of weather channel watching, baking, eating, and game playing. Their house had very little damage. There was a small leak in the roof that we discovered Tuesday night but fortunately that was it. My mother-in-law Kathy, was not as fortunate. She and some of Mike's other family lost power along with most of the Annapolis area and had a huge tree come down.

Fortunately, it missed the edge of her house and didn't damage any cars. It was a close call but no one was hurt, thankfully. She was able to get someone to come down and remove the tree pretty quickly too which was very helpful.

There was a lot of flooding and damage on the Eastern shore and in other coastal communities of Maryland but I think New York and New Jersey were definitely hit the hardest. They had some serious major flooding and widespread power outages throughout the states. Many of the airports were totally shut down leaving many people stranded. There is a lot of damage and I don't know how long it's going to be before they can repair most of it. I hope that they can get things up and running for all of their residents soon.

With all of the weather talk, I actually forgot that today was Halloween! Mike and I are heading down to his Grammy's house for dinner and games with her and Mike's family. We didn't really have time to plan our costumes for this year so we thought this would be a fun way to celebrate instead of going out. Plus, since we are in an apartment, I'm not really sure how the whole trick-or-treat thing goes with the kids in the community. If we were in a normal neighborhood, I would definitely want to stay to give out candy, but since we're not, I didn't think it was worth sitting at home for. I'm not sure if anyone will even come by.

Anyway, it should be a nice visit with Grammy and I might try to make a little Halloween treat to bring down. Hopefully I'll find time to post some of the recipes I tried over the hurricane break, too. I hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

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