Newlywed Welcome!

Friday, October 19, 2012

It's official! Mike and I are married!

On an absolutely gorgeous day in September, we tied the knot. It was a simple wedding but our amazing family and friends made it truly the most special day in our lives. I can still remember how I felt that day. I can remember almost every second of every moment. I was genuinely elated and practically floated around the whole time, just full of love for my new husband and all the amazing people that were there that day to support and celebrate with us. Floating. Full of love and happiness and cake. It was incredible!

We went on a nice long honeymoon in the Caribbean about a week after the wedding. I have tons of photos and stories to share but I will save them for a separate post. We are also waiting for our wedding photos to come in so when they do, I will be sure to post them as well!

To be honest, there is nothing that I really want to accomplish with this blog except to keep track of all the things we do in our new life together. I want to document our adventure into married life so that we can look back on these days an remember, with more clarity, the early years of our marriage. Whether the days pass with lots of excitement or some are more routine, I plan to share as much as I can.

This is the time in our lives that we get to travel, enjoy the company of friends, spend holidays with family, and just live. I feel that too often, newlyweds get caught up in all the things they want to do in the future and forget to celebrate the time they have together right now. Don't get me wrong, I often think about houses and babies and future plans, but for right now, I think it's important to cherish each other and enjoy our youth.

I can't explain how excited I am that Mike and I have our weeknights and weekends back again! We don't have any more wedding planning or preparation to do and it's nice to be able to go out and see our friends and family again.

Before I finish, I figured I would at least post one photo that our photographer, Natalie Franke, sent us to hold us over until we get the rest. She is an amazing photographer and if you get a chance, you should check out her blog!



  1. I'm so excited to read your posts!
    The newlywed bliss is the best time ever. I mean we had the baby shortly after, but for us she only added to the bliss..hasn't slowed us down haha! :D
    How is the apartment decor coming along? Have you said "my husband" yet? Hehe

    1. Thanks Katie! I was so inspired by your blog, I couldn't help but start one! So far, we haven't done any real decorating BUT we are starting this week so I'm super excited. It's so different to call Mike my husband when I just got used to calling him my fiance for a year! Sometimes I still accidentally call him my fiance but I'm sure that in time, I'll get better at it!

  2. Blogging is pretty cool!
    At first I was like nobody cares about my daily rants hha and then I thought.. one day Caroline would like to read it..since it's mostly about her anyway. I'm excited to see your adventures! :)
    I actually didn't like saying fiancé.. Sounds so fancy hha! Of course there are slip ups with saying "my husband" at first, but once you notice your saying it with no hesitation..that's an awesome moment.. Put a big grin on my face. Super awesome!
    Have you picked a spot on the wall for the gift we got you? :D
    Sorry for the novel. Yikes! I just keep going! LOL

    1. I know! Blogging honestly is a great way to catalog all of the moments in life, especially when you have a little one! I can't wait to do it for my kids someday too!
      We did find a place for the gift! We absolutely LOVE IT too! It went so well with our theme and who we are, it fits so well. We have not hung it yet but it is leaning against the wall in our living room where I want to display it. It will likely be the centerpiece of a bunch of other smaller frames with photos of us. Hopefully this week we will get more things up. I can't wait!

    2. Yay awesome, glad you like it! We thought it was totally "Mike and Laura" style hha!
      Can't wait til we're blogging about our little ones playing together or bugging Sean and Mike for piggy back rides hha! Someday :)