Tuesdays with Grammy

Sunday, November 18, 2012

For a couple of months now, Mike and I have been making regular trips down to Annapolis on Tuesday nights to visit his 95-year-old grandmother, Trudy, or "Grammy" as she is better known. From the day that I met her, I instantly loved her. I remember the night when we were first introduced. We were having yet another summer crab feast at Mike's mom, Kathy's, home in Annapolis only a few weeks after Mike and I had started dating. The nice thing about the home is that it sits on the same property as Grammy's so visiting is always a family event. It is so nice to have everyone so close and I immediately felt at home there.

We were on the back deck picking crabs and I got to sit next to Grammy, so naturally I struck up a conversation with her. I learned tons about her and the Whittaker family and honestly would have sat there for weeks just absorbing all the stories she had to share. She was quite a spark plug for someone her age and made jokes all throughout the night. The funniest was when we were all discussing our Facebook profiles and Grammy interrupted to inform us that she, too, wanted a "Spacebook."

She is an incredible woman. One that whether you have known her for five minutes or 50 years makes a lasting impression on your heart. She is so wise and so sharp and she doesn't miss a thing. We love her so much and are so fortunate to have time each week to spend with her.

Most weeks, Mike's Uncle Steve stays with Grammy for a few nights and we meet up with everyone for dinner. Since we meet on Tuesdays, Grammy doesn't like to miss her favorite TV shows so we always end up sucked into Dancing with the Stars. It's a lot of fun to spend time with her and the family and it gives us something to look forward to.

For Halloween, Steve was not able to come down since he lives in Pennsylvania and was spending time with his grandchildren. We agreed that we would come over in his place and decided to make a game night out of it. We had a fantastic dinner that Mike's sister, Kristen, made and then played Uno Attack all night. Grammy had us all laughing and it was such a blast!

We were lucky to have Matt join us for the night!

I know that I had originally said that Mike and I weren't going to dress up for Halloween but we ended up coming up with a costume at the last minute. We had fun surprising Grammy since she wasn't expecting the costumes! We went as a mail-order bride and her nerdy groom and I like to think we nailed it pretty well. Ha!

Honestly, I just wanted another excuse to wear my wedding dress and Halloween was the perfect reason! I guess now that Halloween is over, it's time to preserve it and put it away... so sad! At least I have all of the wedding photos now though so that I can look at them whenever I want to remember what it was like to have it on!

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