Ellicott City

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Since we moved into our apartment, we haven't had as much time as we expected to explore the area. We didn't think we'd have much time before the wedding but I kept saying that once all the planning was done and we got through the big day, we'd have SO much time on our hands... YEA, RIGHT.

Obviously, we are a bit busier than I anticipated and I can't believe how quickly the holidays flew by. It's amazing to me that we are already halfway through January. I wish time would slow down a little so I can catch up!

Since our schedules are pretty full most weekends, we rarely ever get a chance to take time out to see all that this side of Maryland has to offer. So, when an empty Saturday fell into our laps, we knew exactly what we wanted to do.

In all honesty, we started out thinking that we would use the whole day to clean the apartment and get caught up on all of our chores. After about ten minutes though, we realized we were crazy for not taking even a little time to ourselves and hopped in the car to do a little exploring. We headed straight for historic Ellicott City. We parked and made our first stop at this cute little coffee shop, the Old Mill Bakery Cafe. We got a couple of hot chocolates and relaxed for a while. The drinks were divine. Seriously, I don't know how they made them but they were so good. Most places you go, when you ask for a hot chocolate, they hand you a watery-powdery-whipped cream mixture and call it a day. These were no such drinks. These were incredible. They have all kinds of delicious desserts and sandwiches too that they make there. It was a great first stop.

We made our way up and down Main Street going into each of the adorable little shops there. They have some absolutely incredible antique shops. My favorite was Taylor's Antique Mall. If you are looking for something fun to do on a random lazy afternoon, you have to check this place out. It's nuts how many floors and rooms they have. I originally thought it was only 3 stories but it has so many levels and rooms, it's like a maze. Every room you enter is filled with unique pieces and there are always more rooms attached filled with more awesome stuff. If you're one of those people that hears the word "antique" and immediately shudders thinking of your grandmother's furniture, you have no idea what you are missing.

We grabbed some lunch at one of the restaurants on Main Street. I've eaten at a bunch of restuarants there in the past and each time they get better and better. I don't think I've eaten at the same place twice yet just because I want to try them all!
It was an awesome day and it's so cool to have such a neat little town right around the corner. We will definitely be back the next time we find ourselves wanting to waste a perfectly good Saturday cleaning.


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    1. Thank you! We love Ellicott City and can't wait to visit again to try some new places!