Florida Visit

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our trip to Florida was incredible. We had such a blast visiting with my grandparents. We flew down on Saturday and from the moment my grandma picked us up until the moment we were dropped off on Tuesday, we couldn't stop chatting. There was so much to catch up on and so much to share. Our first and most important stop was at my grandpa's facility in Land O' Lakes.

When we got there, we were so excited to see him and I was so glad that he finally got to meet Mike. We sat outside (it was a gorgeous 75 degrees) and talked for a while. Grandpa started telling stories and he and Mike really hit it off - especially when the topic of golf came up. At each visit throughout the trip, we talked about everything from grandpa's days in the Navy and his life growing up to sports and politics. Over the days we were in Florida, we got to spend quite a bit of time with him which meant a lot to us. We played Farkle, took a tour of the facility, saw some of the old military uniforms they had hanging on the walls, shared lunch, and even got to capture some of grandpa's story telling on video.

We also gave him his belated Christmas present which now hangs over his bed. Mike and I thought it would be nice for him to have some framed photos from the wedding. We were sure to include the one of me holding the old photo of me and grandpa.

Back at the house with grandma, we had an awesome time relaxing in the hot tub, watching the Ravens game, helping her around the house, and putting on old home videos. Grandma even got into the Ravens game with us and put on a purple shirt to support them! What's even better is THEY WON! I can't believe we are going to the superbowl!

We also got to go bowling!

There is honestly so much to share about this trip I could write a whole series of posts. While it was short, it meant so much to spend a few days making up for lost time. The greatest and perhaps the most important thing that we learned from this trip is how essential it is to keep in touch with your loved ones. You only have one family and they should not be taken for granted. Instead, you should cherish every minute you have with them. Whether they live next door or in another country, find ways to connect and stay connected.

My grandparents are exceptionally special people. To hear about the struggles they have faced together and apart as well as their best years and the happiest times they shared, it is easy to see why they are a part of "The Greatest Generation." It was incredibly eye opening for Mike and I to see the love that they share and how strong it is today despite the hardships of my grandpa's illness. When we were leaving on the first day, Mike and I will never forget the moment after we had hugged and kissed grandpa goodbye, when he took my grandma's hand, looked up at her and said "I miss you, Jean." After all they have endured both good and bad, their love is still so strong. Things may get tough and incredibly frustrating. Each day it may be hard to keep spirits up, but the bond they share is eternal. They don't throw in the towel when the first bump in the road comes along. Instead, they cling tighter to each other. It doesn't mean things will be perfect, but they will always have each other.

I think we could all learn a serious lesson from these two.

I am so blessed to call them my grandparents and to have shared some of the best years of my childhood with them. I am now even more blessed to introduce them to my husband and for them to share in the journey as our family blossoms. We can't wait to plan another trip and we are hoping it may even be as soon as this summer.


  1. Laura,
    I am a friend of the family from way back. Your grandma invited me to read your blog. Thank you for sharing the love and admiration that you have for them. They are an amazing couple and I am blessed for knowing them. I pray blessings on you and Mike and trust that the two of you will create your own strong foundation over the years.

    Lisa Lutz

    1. Thank you so much for reading my blog! I appreciate your sweet comments. It was an absolute joy to visit with them and I will certainly document our next trip, hopefully this summer. I am glad you enjoyed this post and I hope you keep reading!

  2. Laura,

    I tried to send this note twice from my iPhone but it never went through. Hope it makes it this time from my computer.

    Thank you. You are just too kind to us with all your praise and compliments. I'll be sure to print this out and read it to Grandpa.

    We really enjoyed your visit and are looking forward to the next one, maybe later this year.

    We know you and Mike are a very special couple too and know you will have many happy years together.

    Love to you and Mike.


    1. We enjoyed the time so much and I'm so glad you liked my post! I appreciate your kind words, and thank you so much for sharing my blog! We certainly can't wait to come see you both again!