Ray's Last Dance

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Since I was a kid, Sundays have always meant one thing - football. In 1996, when Art Modell moved his team to Baltimore, my family was eager to finally have a home team in the NFL to root for after the Colts left years before. We have stood by the team since their inaugural season and even became one of the founding PSL owners. It's an understatement to say we love the Ravens. While we don't have the same history that many other NFL teams do, we are extremely proud of the legacy our team has built. I grew up hearing about the legendary Johnny Unitas and the Colts so when I got to see original members of our very own team breaking records and winning awards, I was proud to call myself a true Ravens fan!

This past Sunday, our last original Raven played his very last game in Baltimore. There was no doubt that the moment Ray Lewis announced his retirement my family wanted be there to watch his last home game. He is the heart of our team and one of the greatest players to ever play the game. Now, I will get the chance to tell my kids the story of the legacy he left behind. The coolest part is that we were there to witness it all. From his signature dance to his part in the last play of the game, we never forget how incredible it was to experience the day!

It was a cold but very exciting day. We met early to tailgate and watch the Ravens face the Colts. We won 24-9. It was sad to see Ray go and I know he knows how much Baltimore loves him. The next question is, how far in the playoffs can we go knowing this will be his last season ever? We'll see next week as we face Denver. Here's to hoping we can go all the way for Ray!

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