Countdown to Closing

Monday, February 25, 2013

We had our home inspection last week and everything went exceptionally well! The seller is paying for the asbestos abatement in the basement and replacing a few little things like outlets and such. We didn't have to request that much be fixed because not much is wrong with the house at all - GREAT NEWS!

The only big issue in our minds was the asbestos tiling in the basement. While the inspectors who took samples and tested it for us told us that it was properly encapsulated (which is the main way that people fix this problem), we decided that remediation was a better option. Mike, being the environmental guy that he is, really didn't like keeping it there and also thought it might be a great selling feature in the future if we can have it removed and get a letter stating that we are asbestos free. Since the homes in that neighborhood were built before 1970, they all contained or still contain asbestos. Most people just encapsulate it with carpet or other flooring and call it a day but Mike and I would rather have it completely removed from the home. It would mainly just give us peace of mind.

Fortunately, the seller didn't have a problem with paying for the abatement and fixing a few of the little things we wanted done. We got really lucky and this whole process has been pretty simple so far. Now it's just a waiting game. We will be anxiously awaiting our settlement date!

We officially settle June 4th so we are 99 days away from closing! I hope they fly by!

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