On our way to Homeownership!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

It's official! We are (almost) homeowners!

This past week we made our very first offer on an awesome home and with a little stressful negotiating, they sellers accepted our offer! Now begins the fun process of home inspections and months of waiting for settlement. One of the tricky parts of the deal was the settlement date. Unfortunately, due to our apartment lease, we can't settle until JUNE. So we have a bit of waiting to do before everything becomes completely official but we are very excited nonetheless!

We know that things could still come up in the home inspection and there is always a slight chance for things to fall apart but we wanted to share the news anyway because this is a big first for us.

Maybe not the best picture, but we were celebrating at my parents' house. Cheers!

We can't wait to start making the house a home and a beautiful place for growing in our new life together. Cheers!

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