Our first Married Valentine's Day

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!

Yesterday morning I awoke to breakfast in bed delivered by my handsome hubby.

I loved the adorable bacon heart he made me on top of my giant pancake. I sipped some green tea and sat with him before heading off to work.

Later that evening when I got home, we had a delicious candle-lit dinner that Mike planned and he made this incredible dessert that I am definitely going to try again! I gave up chocolate, candy, and super sugary foods for Lent so he made a dessert that was sweet but healthy too. I am hooked!

He bought me some beautiful flowers and surprised me with them after I got home from work. Every year he also hand makes a card and they are always so cute! I made him a little card using our wedding photos on Shutterfly and then framed a print from the wedding so he could have a nice photo in his office. He really loved it and it made me happy to see how much he enjoyed it.

After dinner we grabbed our dessert and moved to the couch. Mike made a nice fire and we cuddled up to watch a movie.

While our Valentine's day celebrations are usually pretty simple, they are still special. I think with all of the hype and craziness of the other holidays, we like to keep this one quiet and easy. I enjoyed every minute and am so lucky to have such a sweet guy!

Hope everyone had a great day full of love yesterday too!

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