Reynold's Tavern

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

On Sunday, I went with my mom and her two sisters downtown to the Reynold's Tavern in Annapolis to commemorate my grandmother's birthday. She passed back in 2001 and every year, they get together to celebrate and remember her.

Reynold's one of our favorite places to go for birthdays and other occasions. My mom and I have been dozens of times and it's just as exciting each time we go. If you order the Colonial High Tea (which I HIGHLY recommend) they bring out cute little desserts and sandwiches and their awesome scones. You also get a choice of soup, salad, or quiche and every single time, I get their DELICIOUS cream of crab soup. Being a true Marylander, I don't think I can get anything else. But seriously, it really is incredible and worth a try.

After our tea, we drove over to the cemetery to place flowers at my grandmom's grave and sing her happy birthday. It's hard to believe that it was more than 10 years ago that she passed.

My grandmother was an absolutely incredible lady. She endured many struggles throughout her life - more than most - but despite the tough hand she was dealt, she was one of the most delightful and happy people I knew. She had the most gentle and generous heart. She was the type of person who would give you the last dime in her purse even if it meant she wouldn't have anything for herself. I remember her always bringing me something small every time she came to visit. Sometimes it would only be a piece of candy or a stick of gum but every time I saw her, she had something for me. She didn't have much at all for herself but she always found something to give her grandchildren.

Growing up, when my parents were in a bowling league on Tuesday nights, she would babysit me every week and I treasured the time I got to spend with her. One of my fondest memories of her was on those nights when she would sometimes allow me to stay up past my bedtime and watch "Happy Days" with her. We would sit together and laugh and then after the show went off, we would dance down the hallway and up the stairs singing the theme song as I got ready for bed.

One of the things I miss the most about her is her laugh. She had a very distinct voice and I love watching old home movies just to hear her talk and laugh. She had one of those strong Maryland accents. Words like water and wash were "wooter" and "worsh" and almost every sentence contained a "hon." Taking time to remember how special she was means a lot to my mom and her sisters but it also means a lot to me. I am glad that I got to know her the way that I did and I wish she was still around to meet my husband and see how I've grown up. I miss her every day.

I love you Grandmom, a bushel and a peck.

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