Superbowl 47 - A Team of Destiny

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Baltimore Ravens are the Super Bowl XLVII WORLD CHAMPIONS! What more do I need to say?

I honestly can't believe how incredible this season has been. Between Ray's retirement and seeing his last dance, our inspiring playoff run, the Harbaugh brothers facing off in the first ever "Harbowl", Joe Flacco being named MVP, and coming home with our second Super Bowl title, I can't seem to choose which has been my favorite moment.

The game was a struggle. We started off with a big lead and then the 49ers caught right back up in the second half after an unexpected 30-minute power outage at the stadium. We had to fight hard to keep them from pushing ahead right at the end and it could not have been more appropriate that it came down to a goal-line stand that kept them from doing so. After the game, Ray said, "For us to stand up like that, it is just a testament of what we've been through and how much trust we had all year with each other."

That is exactly how all of Baltimore felt as well. This whole season has been a struggle. As a team, our ride to the Super bowl was pretty bumpy with Art Modell passing back in September, the tragic loss of Torrey Smith's younger brother, and losing many key players like Ray Lewis, Terrell Suggs, and Lardarius Webb to injuries early in the season.

John Harbaugh summed it up pretty well last night when he said, "It wasn't perfect, it wasn't pretty, but it was us." We have been through quite a bit of hardship and many people believed we wouldn't make it. I remember how frustrating it was to read articles from ESPN that blatantly stated how we would fail. You can check out one of the best ones here. Even after we beat out Denver, the critics came back at us saying the same things for our game against the Patriots. We have always been underestimated and quite frankly, I don't think the team or the fans would have it any other way. All season long, we used these negative expectations and predictions as fuel to prove everyone wrong, and look where it took us.

For me, the play that said it all this season was when Ray Rice nailed the first down on 4th & 29. This was probably one of my all time favorite Ravens moments ever, and not just because it starred on of my favorite players. It was also named the 2012 NFL Play of the Year.

There are so many moments that I will never forget from this season. We have an incredible passion for the game and I don't care what anyone says, we worked and fought so hard to get here.

We are incredibly lucky to have the players that we do but we are also very lucky to have such a devoted coaching staff. When we defeated the Steelers back in 2011 at Heinz field, Harbaugh was so fired up about our victory that he started quoting Teddy Roosevelt in this press conference. It is passion and spirit like this that makes me proud to be a Ravens fan.

After all we have been through, I could not be more proud of my team or my city. Congratulations Baltimore!

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