Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Today was a busy but somehow relaxing day for us. Similar to Christmas, Easter is one of those holidays where we do a lot of running around to make sure we squeeze in visits to both of our families. We started the day at church with my parents and then headed out to the cemetery. We went to visit my Aunt Laura and my grandmother's grave to give them some beautiful Easter flowers. My Aunt Laura is the one I am named after. I am actually the third Laura in the family since she was named after my great grandmother Laura.

When we got back to the house to relax, Mike wasn't feeling great to so he took a nap to relieve his headache and I helped mom out in the kitchen. We made ham, potato casserole, green bean casserole, rolls, and a fancy dessert. My mom's sisters stopped by to join us and my Aunt Jeanie brought a delicious strawberry pie.

My mom had Easter baskets for both Mike and I which I thought was very sweet. We didn't do baskets at our house because we simply didn't have time to prepare them. Honestly, I didn't really plan on doing baskets until we have kids but maybe next year we will do something cool with them.

Throughout the day, we watched a couple of old home movies on VHS that my dad was playing. It was neat to watch some of the ones I haven't seen before. It really made me miss my childhood. My dad has been working to transfer all of the old tapes to digital files since they are starting to break. There are so many memories on them, he didn't want to lose anything. I think it's great too because now he can burn a few DVDs and we can have copies of everything. I am hoping that maybe he can help us out with some of the old tapes of Mike too.

My baby Lucy

And crazy Lucky

Sleepy Brandi

After hanging out and then eating at mom and dad's, I prepared some glazed carrots to take down to the Whittaker's where we would share another meal with Mike's family.

We packed up all of our stuff and drove down to Annapolis. We helped set the table and I helped Kathy prepare a nice spring centerpiece. They had a few jonquils and camelias popping up so I clipped a few and we arranged them in a pretty little dish. I have always been in love with camelias ever since I saw them near Grammy's entry way. I told her about how I wanted to plant them in the yard in our new house but learned that they are apparently pretty tough to grow this far north. I will have to search for a perfect spot and see if I can get them to grow. Challenge accepted!

We enjoyed relaxing with everyone and downing our second delicious Easter meal of the day. I also ate anchovies for the first time. Of course, I didn't know it at first but found out that they were hidden in the salad dressing. Surprisingly, I didn't mind them at all. I made Mike try some too since Katherine (the one who made the salad) told me that they are actually really good for you and I decided I might want to try hiding them in our own meals!

It was a very busy day but overall we enjoyed spending the time with our families. As fast as these days are flying by, I am learning how important it is to spend as much time with loved ones as possible. Happy Easter!


  1. Here is the dressing I made: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com/2012/06/best-french-vinaigrette-youll-ever-have.html

    1. Thank you!! Now I won't have to attempt (and probably fail) to recreate it from memory!

      You are awesome!