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Saturday, March 16, 2013

My dad's birthday was last weekend and usually these kind of celebrations are pretty low key on my side of the family. Whoever is having the birthday usually gets to pick a place to eat or the meal they want on their special day and the type of cake they like best. Unless it's a milestone, once you get past 21, there's not much commotion. With all of the craziness of our everyday lives, it's nice to relax on your birthday instead of running around trying to plan a party. My dad chose his favorite meal - lasagna - and an ice cream cake to celebrate his day. Mike and I planned to spend the day with both of my parents and do whatever it is that dad wanted to do.

When I called the morning of, mom said something about going to the Home & Garden show in Timonium for the day. In all honesty, I didn't think it was going to be all that fun. I mean, really, I could understand dad wanting to go golfing or out to a movie but a Home & Garden show? Definitely not. It sounded more like something my mom wanted to do. I could see her dragging him down the aisles of booths displaying flowers and crafts while my dad followed looking bored and checking his watch every few minutes. I was not expecting very much.

Boy, was I wrong.

We took the morning to relax and enjoy these delicious apple creations my mom had made for breakfast. (I will definitely be getting the recipe from her and posting here!) Dad opened his presents and was super excited about the fleece blanket all three of us had chipped in to make. It was a Ravens pattern, of course. Dad already has one but he kept telling my mom he wanted a bigger one since the one he has doesn't fully cover him. Well, he definitely got what he asked for. We made his new blanket nine feet long. He went crazy over it when he saw how massive it was!

We got ready to go and piled into the car to drive up to the Timonium fairgrounds where the show was being held. We checked in and headed over to the first building which housed booths full of unique crafts, art, and food. Every table in that building had something interesting to look at. The even cooler part was that most of it was homemade! We had a great time walking through the aisles and stopping to show one another different things we thought the other might like. We ended up buying all kinds of snacks and some cool things for our future house. We joked and laughed the whole way through and had a great time admiring all of the cool pottery, paintings, sports memorabilia, jewelry and more.

I definitely did not expect it to be as much fun as it was. The place was HUGE and we had only wandered through the first building!

We popped over to the next building which was three times bigger than the first. This one had every kind of home project company you can think of - hot tubs, cooking supplies, wineries, crafts, pet items, plants and more. We wandered around for hours making sure to stop at every wine tasting booth! We even snagged a few bottles for later. We had a blast spending time at each booth trying what they had and talking about our future home and things my parents were interested in doing for theirs. It's so exciting looking forward to the future and all of the fun things we have coming our way.

This might sound strange but I really enjoyed being able to enjoy my parents not as parents but as friends. We are getting to that stage where we are starting to have so much more in common with them now that we are starting our adult lives and it's such a blast!

By about 6:00PM we were exhausted but so glad we ventured out to the show. We went back to the house, had lasagna and cake, and watched Argo. Mike and I ended up spending the night there and he and my dad went to the driving range to hit a few golf balls the next morning.

The whole weekend was so nice and it was great spending time with my family. Once again, it's always back to the simple things in life. They really do mean the most.

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