DC Cherry Blossoms

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Good afternoon and Happy Sunday!

I have the apartment all to myself today since Mike went out for a run early and then is off to golf with my dad and some friends this afternoon. He's also leaving tomorrow for a business trip and won't be back until Thursday. I didn't want to spend the whole week by myself so I am planning to stay with my parents until he gets back home. So while he packs tonight, I will be packing too.

In order to enjoy some time together before he leaves, we thought it might be fun to take the day yesterday to visit the Cherry Blossoms in DC. We haven't been down to the district in a while and I don't think either of us have been down to visit the blooms in years. Going down on a Saturday during the peak often proves to be a bit hectic so we tried to plan ahead. I packed up a picnic lunch, brought some fun games, and we caught the metro into town to avoid parking.

Our first stop was the national mall since we got off at the Smithsonian stop. It was a GORGEOUS day and there were people everywhere laying on blankets enjoying the sun and the light breeze. We took a few pictures and then headed off to the tidal basin.

We walked around for a bit until we found a really nice picnic spot with a great view of the Washington monument, the water, and the Jefferson memorial. The trees around us were incredibly beautiful. I was so excited to see the blossoms I couldn't stop taking pictures.

We ate and relaxed and then broke out my dad's backgammon set. Mike technically beat me but I'm still not sure that we played the end part correctly and I think I could have won. I am planning a re-match. I'll should start practicing all week while he's gone. ;)

After a while, we packed up to take a walk. We went down toward the water and walked along until we found another awesome spot to relax. It was pretty crowded so we were lucky to find such a beautiful place to hang out where there weren't as many people. We bought a couple of popsicles and took a little nap under the trees.

The breeze kept blowing petals on us and it looked kind of like it was snowing. There were tons of them all over the ground but they were just as beautiful on the ground as they were on the trees. It was like a pink and green carpet had been laid out everywhere we went.

We even got to witness an adorable proposal right next to us! It was so sweet! It was such a perfect setting for an engagement. The sun shining, the breeze blowing, and of course these beautiful trees! These were some of my favorite pictures from the day.

We spent a bit more time there and then walked over to the Jefferson memorial. I hope that we can go back soon to see a few more of the memorials. It's crazy to think that all of our lives we have lived this close and still have not really seen much of D.C. I have never seen the White house or the Lincoln memorial and Mike wants to explore the Smithsonian and the Botanic Gardens. We are hoping to plan a trip back to D.C. one weekend this Spring so we can check a few more things off of our list!

Before heading back home, we walked around the area for a bit to enjoy what was left of the afternoon. We definitely got in a lot of exercise  The day turned out to be just the escape we needed. It was a great way to spend our Saturday. We really enjoyed the trip and can't wait to go back next weekend!

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