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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I can't believe that tomorrow is the last day of April.

Where the heck is this year going? Before we know it, summer will be here and the year will be half over!

To be honest, although I am always wishing time would slow down, I am actually pretty excited for summer to get here. Once June hits, we will be closing on our first home and beginning fun projects!

As I've probably mentioned a bajillion times, we officially close on June 4th and we are planning to move the weekend after the 4th of July. That gives us almost exactly a month to complete any projects we have in mind before move-in. I am so thankful that the process worked out this way. The timing could not have been any better.

We aren't going to be doing any immediate major renovations. Our focus will be mainly on the floors and the walls. Our plan is to seal the entire basement floor after the asbestos tiles are removed, paint all of the rooms upstairs, paint the wood paneling in the basement (a temporary fix until we can put drywall up), install new carpet in the three bedrooms upstairs, re-finish the hardwood, and scrub the place clean.

Then we can look for new furniture and work to move our smaller stuff in slowly before our offical move-in date on the 6th. We'll then take the following week to settle in the new house, clean our apartment, and turn in our keys on the 12th. And then finally, it's vacation time! We leave for Maine on the 13th for a nice long week at the beach!

I am in desperate need of a vacation and I am so looking forward to spending a week away!

Since things have been so work-focused for us these last few weeks, we took this past weekend to have a little fun and enjoy a few nights out with friends. On Friday night, we spent the evening at my old K-8 school for their annual Manhattan After Dark celebration. It's an awesome fundraiser where they transform a few levels of the school into "Mahattan" and have all sorts of awesome things to do. They have dancing, food, bars, gambling, raffles, karaoke, and more. This year, the class of 2003 (my graduating class), turned the alumni night into a mini 10-year reunion.

We didn't take a lot of pictures but we still had a blast catching up with everyone. We did, however, manage to meet up for a girls soccer photo! Our team was the best!

We were missing a few girls but it was great seeing everyone!

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