Challenge Day 29 - Songs that stick with me

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Day 29: Five songs or pieces of music that speak to you or bring back memories. Use Grooveshark or YouTube to include them in the post.

What a fun post!

BoDeans - Good Things

Good Things by BoDeans on Grooveshark

This song was one of the very first songs I ever heard. We have videos of me at only a year old dancing to this song in front of the stereo. This one definitely brings me back.

The Wallflowers - Closer To You

Closer to You by The Wallflowers on Grooveshark

I had a hard time choosing which Wallflowers song to post. So many of them bring back memories since I literally have grown up listening to their music. Many of their songs remind me of specific events or times in my life. They are one of my all-time favorite bands.

O.A.R. - Hey Girl

Hey Girl by O.A.R. on Grooveshark

My friends and I used to be huge O.A.R. fans. I saw them a bunch of times throughout high school and college. This song reminds me of all of the fun we used to have back then. Those were such good times.

Ingrid Michaelson - You and I

You and I by Ingrid Michaelson on Grooveshark

This song is one that Mike and I listened to quite a bit while we were dating. I saw Ingrid open for another band at an awesome, small venue years ago before she became super popular (Thanks, Old Navy) and I fell in love with her voice. Her cover of the song "Can't Help Falling In Love" was the song Mike and I danced to at our wedding.

Jack Johnson - All At Once

All at Once by Jack Johnson on Grooveshark

I am a very big fan of JJ's music. I love the messages that he sends and think he is such a talented artist. Most of his songs also bring back memories of earlier years but his songs just speak to me in so many ways. This one especially.

Wow, it's really hard to just pick FIVE! I connect with so many artists and so many songs that I wish I could list them all. Hope you enjoy!

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