Challenge Day 31 - Summers in Fox Chase

Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 31: A vivid memory.

It's hard to choose one specific memory so I'm going to stretch this a little and include memories from a period of time in my life that was special to me. The times in my life that were the most significant were the summer days in our old house growing up.

We lived on a cul-de-sac full of kids my age in a quiet community. We became close with many of the families in the neighborhood and being an only child, I loved this because it felt like I had tons of brothers and sisters. 
There was one family in particular only three houses down from ours that we got to know the best. It was like our families were meant to be. Growing up, I spent my summers out of school doing one of two things. I was either at camp or at their house. 
We would play all summer long, picking honeysuckle, playing kickball, swimming in a little plastic pool in the backyard, and playing little games we would make up. 
What was even better was seeing how much fun our parents had too. They were best friends. We cooked out almost every night, went on fishing trips with our dads, went on vacation together - I felt like those summers lasted forever and it was the greatest time in my life. 
There are so many wonderful memories of those summers and I'm so glad I got to experience them. I hope that I can provide the same for my kids growing up. 

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