Races, Farmer's markets, and Family

Monday, May 6, 2013

Boy, did this weekend fly by!

Saturday was incredibly slow but Sunday totally made up for it. And yes, I am crazy enough to blog TWICE in one day. This is a first for me, but since I have other stuff I want to share aside from the Blog Every Day in May challenge, this might just happen a couple of times this month.

First of all, yes, I was very late in posting the challenge post from yesterday. So, yes, you may have a bit of catching up to do. Sorryyyy!

Yesterday was a very long but very, very wonderful day. It started at 4:30AM on a drive out to Frederick, Maryland for Mike's half marathon. The race started at 7:00AM and we knew from last year that there would be a bit of a traffic issue so we wanted to get there early. We arrived at the fair grounds at 6:00AM and stood around in the freezing cold waiting for the race to start. We had both planned for it to be in the mid 60's like the forecast said but we forgot that it has to actually warm up to that temperature. Must have been the sleep deprivation. So, there we stood for an hour, shivering in the 39 degree breeze with the other runners.

They did a wonderful little tribute to the Boston marathon runners before the race began. Once the race was underway, it definitely started to warm up, which was lovely.
I was so, SO proud of Mike for finishing 14 minutes under his best time!

After the race, we headed into Ellicott city for a little breakfast at Bean Hollow.
We loved it so much that we are thinking about making it a little post-race tradition. Or maybe even a Sunday morning tradition!

Then we hit up the Farmer's Market in Catonsville. They had all kinds of awesome stuff there! There were flowers, fresh produce, this awesome mushroom guy from The Corner Spore, homemade jams, salsas, live music, and more. We picked up a couple of things and headed back home to nap. We were exhausted.
Later that evening, we popped down to Grammy's for dinner with her and some of Mike's family from out of town. It was a beautiful evening and we loved hanging out with everyone. I even got a few pictures of Grammy reading to two of her great grandchildren. It was such a sweet moment, listening to her.
Definitely something I will never forget. Happy Monday!


  1. Happy monday indeed!
    Can i have this day too? Maybe except the running part? Oh boy do I love farmers markets. And I NEED that bagel for breakfast.

    I mean need.

    1. Haha I could use a repeat today, that's for sure.

      And the running? Yea, I'm with you on that. I'll leave that to the hubster while I do the cheering, spectating, napping, and coffee-drinking!

      Thanks for stopping by! :)