Summer Days

Friday, June 21, 2013

Today is the first official day of summer!

It's a gorgeous day here in Maryland and I wish I was anywhere but my desk at work right now.

On the radio this morning, I heard all of these people talking about their plans to kick off the summer. Most were heading to the beach. Others were planning on laying out by the pool or going fishing or camping. There were even some who were just taking the day off to enjoy the outdoors. I wish I could be any of these people.

The meaning of summer has changed a lot for me over the years.

First and foremost, it used to be followed by the word "break." Gosh, I miss those days. I can still remember counting down the days, hours, and minutes until school was out.
Between summer camps, trips to the beach, pool parties, family vacations, and hanging out with the neighborhood kids every day, there was always something awesome to do.

My days were filled with sun, sprinklers, kickball, freezy pops, and crappy songs like this:

Summer Girls by LFO on Grooveshark

My nights were filled with block parties, cook-outs, fireflies, sparklers, and sleepovers.

Oh, to be a kid again.

Now, I spend my summer days in an air conditioned lab and my nights are consumed by trips to Lowe's or doing "adult" things like paying bills or buying groceries.

Why did I want to grow up again?

At least we still have weekends. Thank god we still have weekends!

And it could not have been more perfect that the first day of summer falls on a Friday this year! I know tonight Mike and I will be celebrating and we may even light a few sparklers for old times' sake.

However you are spending your day, whether in an office or out under the sun, I hope you enjoy it and have a wonderful weekend!

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