Maine Vacation Re-Cap

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our trip to Maine was incredible. We didn't have a lot planned for the week and I think that was what made it the most enjoyable.

Typically, when Mike and I go away on a trip, we tend to over-plan and hyper-organize our schedules to maximize the fun and make the most of our time. While it is fun to have lots to see and do, we end up coming back from our vacation more exhausted than when we left. Vacations are supposed to help you relax and re-charge your batteries, not drain you.

That's why we decided that for this trip, we would try to take a real vacation and not plan any activities in advance. No structure, no time schedule, just us and the cottage and the beach. And it. was. awesome.

We spent the first few days laying by the ocean, playing frisbee in the water, swimming, and napping. It was pretty scorching hot but the cool water was so refreshing.

We even found a sand dollar on our second day there!
By about 2:00 every day, we would head back to the cottage for lunch and then relax with a few beers on the porch for the rest of the afternoon. Mike would play his guitar, I would read and people watch as neighbors passed by.
Occasionally we would wander down to the Soda Fountain to grab an ice cream cone or a "Raspberry-Lime Rickey" - an Ocean Park favorite.
From time to time, a few of the other Whittakers would drop by to say hello. It was so nice to catch up with them! I love feeling like we grow a little closer to them each time we stay at the cottage.

We also had a chance to take a little hike out to see the Wood Island lighthouse. The lighthouse itself (as the name suggests) sits on an island that is only accessible by boat. We hiked out to the point just South of it in Biddeford Pool to get the closest view.
By Wednesday, we were ready for a change of pace and we got up early to beat the heat at the golf course. I didn't bring any clubs so I took charge of the golf cart driving and picture taking while Mike played 18 holes. He got his first par ever on the 15th hole!
Since he was a single, they paired us up with a father-son group from Massachusetts. We had a great time getting to know them. It was a very relaxing way to spend the morning. Even though I don't play very much, I've found that I still really appreciate the beauty of the game.

It was starting to get hot by the afternoon so we thought it might be nice to play a few board games inside. We started to do a puzzle but then realized that about half of the pieces were missing. Gotta love the Mayflower.
Yes, it was a puzzle of cats. We had a limited selection.

That night, we decided to go out for dinner and what better to eat than a delicious Maine lobster?!
Mike got a lobster roll, but I chose to tackle a whole one. I discovered that it's a lot easier to crack these guys open than it is to pick crabs. I couldn't believe how quickly I was done!

The next day, we were up early again for the Ocean Park Shuffleboard Tournament. I had only played shuffleboard once before so I was a bit nervous going into it, but Mike was so excited that I couldn't say no. And I'm really glad we entered because it was such a blast!
We lost our first game to an 82-year-old woman who trash-talked Mike the whole time. Comical to say the least. We then dropped down to the loser's bracket where we defeated every opponent from there on to win the consolation prize! I was completely shocked but in the end, we developed a great rhythm and worked great as a team! (I can't believe I'm saying that about shuffleboard.)
After the tournament, we packed a picnic lunch and took a quick ferry ride over to Peak's Island near Portland. We realized shortly after arriving that our camera battery was dead and my iPhone camera had somehow managed to fog up. I blame the humidity. So, that being said, these are pretty much the only pictures we have of the adventure.
Once we got off the ferry, we rented a couple of bikes and headed over to picnic cove where we ate lunch on the water.

The most memorable part of the trip was getting caught in a sudden torrential downpour in the middle of a field. We had no choice but to stand there and get drenched. It's not like we had a car to run back to! It was histerical and I was so upset we couldn't take any pictures!

We hit up a little bar on the island to dry off and grab a drink before heading back to the cottage.

We spent the rest of the trip relaxing on the beach as much as we could trying to soak up every last minute. I fell in love with the cottage the minute I laid eyes on it but being up there for a week has me loving it even more.
See you next year Ocean Park!

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