The Big Move

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Well hey there blogland, long time no see!

I'm sorry for my absence over the last week but unfortunately, I didn't have a way to blog. Soon after we started packing, I realized that disconnecting our wi-fi before we had the internet set up at the new house might not have been the smartest idea. It's pretty hard to blog without it!

Things have also been so busy with moving, unpacking, organizing, cleaning, and more unpacking that I haven't had a second to sit down and write anything. I knew in advance things would be crazy so I tried to be all prepared and even had a post topic planned for each day this week. So much for that idea.

As I write this, I'm currently sipping a latte, sitting in a little coffee shop on the hospital campus during my lunch break, typing away with the help of their free wi-fi. And I'm feelin' pretty cool right about now. I may have to spend more of my lunch breaks this way!

I have tons of updates to share and I promise they are coming, but for now, I thought I'd start with a little recap of our move.

Our holiday weekend was busy to say the least.

The moment after I hit the “Publish” button on my post on Friday, things got rolling fast and the moving process still hasn’t stopped. My parents came over to help me pack and move everything except our furniture while Mike was working. When he got off, he helped haul over the last of three loads.

I was completely shocked that we got almost everything over in three trips. I thought for sure that it would take more than that. My parents are well-seasoned packers though, and they were able to load us up to the max on each trip. Without them, I have no idea how we would have gotten it done in a weekend. (Thanks so much guys! There’s a dinner on us coming your way real soon!)

By Friday night, we were exhausted and little sore but we knew that the real physical labor wouldn’t start until the next day. We crashed early to try and get some sleep. It was a little bittersweet knowing that it would be our last night in our apartment, but we were so excited to move into the new place the next day that it was hard to be sad for long.

Saturday morning, we were up bright and early. I finished packing while Mike ran a few errands. Our friends came by around 10:00 to help us get started and we were able to get the first load done fairly quickly. By 11:30, we were unloading at the new house. The unloading went pretty fast but the extreme heat and humidity made it twice as tiring. After the first load was done, we all needed a break so we swung by the pizza shop down the road and picked up lunch.

Since we didn’t have any tables or chairs set up at either place, we popped over to my parents’ house and chowed down there. After cooling off a bit, we headed back up to the apartment to pack up the last load and by the end, I was ready to collapse. I was so relieved to have a 20 minute drive between the apartment and the new house so I could rest a little.
Our sad, empty apartment :(

It took us almost an hour to carry the last few pieces into the house and we were all sort of stalling with the heavy stuff because it was so hot. We finally finished around 4:00.

One of our friends mentioned going for a swim at their house and the second I heard the word “pool,” I knew our plans to head to St. Michaels that evening didn’t stand a chance.

We dug around in our maze of boxes, found our swim suits and sun screen, and hit the road.

We had a few drinks and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon.
It was just what we needed. (Thanks Matt and Ali!)

Our first night in the new house was actually kind of comical.

For one thing, we had no idea where anything was. Each time we needed something, it took us 15 minutes of digging to find it. We were surrounded by boxes full of books, DVDs, office supplies, tools and just about everything but what we needed. In hindsight, we probably should have come up with a better labeling system since most of our boxes look the same. Ugh.

It became pretty clear to us that we probably should have spent some time setting up our room before trying to sleep in it. We quickly realized we had no sheets, no pillows, no phone chargers, no bedside lamps and no energy to find any of those things.

We also didn’t have any blinds or curtains up in the master bedroom so getting changed became a bit of a challenge.

We obviously still have lots of things to figure out but we could not be happier to be in our chaotic and wonderful home.

Have a great Thursday!

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