Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Sooo, I was planning on skipping my blog altogether today since I really have nothing interesting to talk about (sorry, it's true). But as I was doing my morning Facebook stalking browsing, I stumbled upon a link that a friend had posted and I was intrigued.

Although not a lot of people would think it right off the bat when they meet me, I am a textbook introvert. And this article confirms it.

As I read through this list, I found myself nodding my head to almost every one of these points.

Of course, I've actually known I was an introvert since about the 8th grade when we were forced to take the Myers-Briggs personality test. Only then, instead of accepting my personality I tried to pretend I wasn't an introvert and claimed my test had gotten messed up because I got some of the weirdest "career suggestions" at the end. While my friends got things like Nurse, or Veterinarian, or Accountant, my profile suggested that I look into becoming a Funeral Director. Ugh.

The truth is, people and crowds exhaust me. I love spending time with my friends and I love to be social - but only when I build up the energy to do so. I can only really handle people in small doses. Strange but so true.

I prefer to build relationships on a deeper and more meaningful level and it's hard to do that in large social settings. I always assumed that having only one or two really close friends my whole life just meant that I was socially awkward, but now I understand why. I would much rather have a handful of friends that know every corner of my heart than a huge group of them that know me only superficially.

It doesn't mean I'd rather become a hermit than go to a party, it just means that afterwards, I prefer spending some time alone. To me, one of the most important things is having time to recharge my batteries. It helps me "refill my sponge" and get back to me.

So the next time my husband comes home to find me cuddled up in bed with a glass of wine on my bedside table, watching Gilmore Girls in the dark, maybe just maybe (if he even reads this post today) he won't jump to the conclusion that it can only be PMS.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Me too, big time.

    This is a good TED talk about introverts:

    1. Awesome! I'm checking it out now! :)