Blogtember Day 11: Memory Lane

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Challenge: A memory you would love to relive.

It's really hard to choose a single memory. There are so many that I have frozen in my mind that I would give anything to go back and relive. Moments with my grandparents, with friends and family, growing up... I cherish them all.

Since our anniversary is coming up in a few days, however, I am going to have to go with this one.
It was the perfect day and standing there in front of everyone we love and hold close to our hearts, we promised forever. Love is such a beautiful thing.

Short and sweet today! Happy Tuesday!


  1. Love it : ) What a beautiful picture! I had a hard time choosing memories as well.

  2. So sweet. Very beautiful picture. I also had a hard time choosing for this. There are so many times I could of picked. I guess that is a good thing though, making beautiful memories.


  3. Happy (almost) Anniversary :) What a special moment. I don't think I fully realized how amazingly special our wedding ceremony was until after the fact. Looking at pictures, seeing the church filled with all of the people we love and cherish the most...I would love to relive that as well... But that's not the moment I picked :)