Blogtember Day 9: A Self-Portait

Friday, September 13, 2013

Challenge: A self portrait.

When I first saw this prompt on the list, I cringed.

I obviously wasn't going to draw or paint something and put it up here so I knew taking a "selfie" was on the horizon.  I don't know how most people feel about taking pictures of themselves, but it is not something that I enjoy. I am the furthest thing from being natural in front of the camera so I was not looking forward to facing my insecurities and going in front of the lens.

After I accepted the fact that I couldn't wimp out and totally skip this post, I started to stress out a little. Where would I take it? What should I wear? Should I have planned this ahead of time? I pictured being up late the night before, standing in the bathroom, making awkward faces trying to take one of those cliche MySpace pictures we all know and hate.

While I did end up in the bathroom, much to my surprise, taking a self-portrait turned out to be kind of fun! I took about 40 of them before I actually decided which one to post but in the end, I actually enjoyed the project!

Happy Friday!


  1. I love it! Great picture. Way to be brave :)

  2. I don't mind having my photo taken, but I definitely do try to shy away from taking those awkward "MySpace"-like pictures we all remember! Yours turned out well!