Snapshots from the weekend

Monday, October 14, 2013

If you follow me on Instagram, sorry, but you're gonna have to see these pictures again. I haven't uploaded any of the pictures from my camera yet so these are the best I've got. My apologies but that's the best I can do for a Monday.

If I had to describe our weekend in one word it would have to be rainy. We had a lot planned and had lots of fun but unfortunately, most of it had to be enjoyed outside in the rain.

Friday night, Mike's work was hosting their annual crab feast. We went and met a lot of wonderful people, had a few drinks, and picked what are likely our last crabs of the year.
They gave away a bunch of awesome door prizes but surprise, surprise, we won nothing. It was still a great night and I hope we can go again next year.

Saturday morning, we were up early for another one of Mike's races. Every year he runs the half-marathon in the Baltimore running festival. He ran the doubler again this year in honor of my grandfather who has Parkinson's. Every year Mike raises money for the Hopkins organization Pacing for Parkinson's and in turn, they pay for his entrance fee and provide lots of cool stuff on race day.
Here he is signing the banner in honor of my grandfather and posing with all of the other P4P half-marathon runners.
I'm so proud of him and all of the other people who come out to race for all of these awesome causes and organizations. It's seriously so inspiring.

After the race, we had planned to head out to do some pumpkin and apple picking but the rain got in the way. So instead, we popped over to our local farm stand to pick out some fall decor for the front porch. We've postponed the pumpkin and apple adventures until next weekend.
My parents came with us and we picked out some beautiful mums and gourds!
By that time, we were exhausted (well, I guess Mike was exhausted - he did run 13.1 miles - I was just feeling lazy) so we went back to the house to nap.

While Mike slept, I cuddled up with our little furball who thought attacking my socks was way more fun than sleeping.
We had a pretty low-key night since we knew we would be up early again the next day to tailgate for the Ravens game.

We met my parents the next morning at their house, loaded up the beer and snacks, and drove into Baltimore. It was raining yet again so I made sure to dress appropriately.
And of course it wouldn't be a true tailgate if we didn't stop by the firehall for some live music and incredible food. I usually get their pit beef or pit turkey but the nasty weather had me craving something a little different. So instead, I snagged a bowl of their awesome Maryland crab soup - perfect for a rainy day!
And I have to say, thank God the food was good because the game was awful. While our defense fought hard (they are probably the only reason the score wasn't 40 million to zilch), our offense never showed up. We've got a lot to work on this season.

It was a disappointing end to the weekend but regardless, we still had a lot of fun.

Hope that everyone else enjoyed their weekend, too! Or if you're off today for Columbus Day, I hope you are still enjoying it! Happy Monday!


  1. So jealous! I haven't had crabs at all this summer/fall :(

    1. Oh man! I don't know how you've gone without them! Hopefully you'll get some before winter? :(