Breaking out the Baking Pans

Monday, November 4, 2013

Remember that time I shared the story about our crappy home inspector and our sudden need for a shiny new gas boiler? Yep, well, we have finally worked out all of the kinks and are on our way to installation day! Yay? Not so much.

While I am excited to be finally getting rid of the old, dangerous thing downstairs, the process hasn't been so easy.

First of all, our home inspectors denied that they had any responsibility for missing the holes in the pipes, the carbon monoxide leaks, the shoddy workmanship, or any part of the faulty system for that matter. Even though they didn't overlooked a huge problem that could have potentially killed us if we had turned on our heat, they are hiding behind the language in their report. They claim that because they told us the system was "dirty," they don't have to give us anything. Not a dime. They stated that it was our responsibility to have it inspected by a licensed professional before we purchased the home. Uhhh, news flash: THAT'S WHY WE HIRED YOU.

We also found out that had we actually purchased the home warranty at settlement, the damage to the boiler would have been considered a "pre-existing condition" and we wouldn't have gotten any money from that company either. No one seems to want to claim responsibility and I get that, but seriously, it's so frustrating to hear that all of these companies are blaming us for the issues.

Anyway, to make a long story short, no one is paying for anything. Well, except for us, that is. So, we had no choice but to move forward and take on the burden entirely. We interviewed several companies and fortunately found an option that works with our budget and will give us a totally new, efficient, and safe system.

So what does all of this have to do with baking?


Well, because we discovered this problem in the fall, when everyone decides to have their heaters replaced, we can't have the new system installed until November 11th. And that means, no heat for yet another week.

In the mean time, I've had to find creative ways to heat our home. It's been dropping into the low 30s here at night and I turn into an angry popsicle if the house temp gets below 60, so I've been doing everything I can to prevent that from happening.

Just about every night for the last two weeks I've been turning on the good old oven and baking up a storm to generate some heat. Muffins, pies, cookies - not to mention every single dinner that we've eaten - have all been baked. We may gain 30 pounds, but we will not be cold! I quickly learned this summer that our oven heats up the front end of our house pretty efficiently. Of course, at that time when it was 95 degrees outside, I wasn't so happy about it. But now, it has seriously been our saving grace. Every day I've been popping something in the oven just to provide a little extra warmth.

I also discovered a neat little trick that keeps the house warm long after I'm done baking. If I leave the door to the oven wide open, all the heat that was generated will slowly disperse throughout the house keeping things nice and toasty for much longer than if I was to keep it closed. Thankfully, we have a wall unit oven, so Carlisle can't even think about jumping inside, since it's way too high for his little kitten legs anyway.

Hope your November is off to a wonderful (and warm) start! Happy Monday!

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