Five on Friday

Friday, November 15, 2013


I'm sorry for the silence around here lately. Life hasn't really even been that busy, I've just been feeling drained and like I haven't had all that much to share. I know life has lots of peaks and valleys but I'm really hoping to feel like I'm back on top again soon. Anyway, I hope you are having a wonderful start to your weekend. Here's my list of five wonderful things I'm forever thankful for...

1. Music. Especially over this last week. There's just something so moving about hearing a song that perfectly fits the moment you are in. It's amazing when you really connect with the lyrics in a song whether it's old or new. Music is my escape. It has always helped me to cope with the tough stuff in life and has also been just as powerful in the good times. I am so thankful that we live in a world with music.

2. Little moments. Whether it's a smile from a stranger, a small act of kindness, or something as simple as a brilliant sunrise, I am learning to appreciate the little moments. They are often hard to notice in the choas of the day-to-day, but so worth it when we slow down to recognize them.

3. My health. At work, I am constantly surrounded by sick people, and more specifically the sick elderly. It's not often that I stop to think about how lucky I am to be young, healthy, and thriving and I really often take it for granted. I never realized how blessed I am to be able to go anywhere or do anything I want, free of disease or disability. There are so many folks who can't say the same. I pray that in some way, some day, I am able to give back to them through my work.

4. Second chances. I am thankful for those who know how to forgive and let go. We all make mistakes. It's never too late to make amends.

5. You. Whether you know me personally or have met me through some little corner of this large blogging world, thank you. Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, thank you for supporting me no matter what. My heart is so full of joy knowing so many incredibly kind and beautiful people are out there taking time to hear what I have to say.

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  1. This is a great list of things to be thankful for. Hope you are feeling on top of the world soon . :)