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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

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This was actually the post I had planned on publishing a couple of Fridays ago but somehow it disappeared when I went to do so. Strange as it is, I checked this morning and the post had returned! So, although Halloween is over and it's no longer October, I really hate to waste a perfectly good pumpkin post.

A few weekends ago, Mike and I ventured all the way out to Westminster to check out Baugher's Family Farm to pick us some punkins. Our original plan was to try to pick both apples and pumpkins but we changed our minds once we arrived for several reasons:

1. It was rainy and cold. When we got there, the skies were cloudy and it had started to drizzle. Mike and I had both forgotten our jackets and Mike had chosen to wear a t-shirt and shorts in 40 degree temperatures. Not his best move. I was worried that we would end up getting stuck out in one of the fields in a downpour and freeze to death, so we decided to nix the apple picking and just go for the pumpkins.

2. You have to pay. This is the first farm I've ever been to where you have to buy a ticket to even get to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard. At first I wasn't all that upset about it since it was only $1 per person but then I realized that we would have to buy two separate pairs of tickets - one for the pumpkin hay ride and one for the apple hay ride - and each of those had its own ridiculously long line.

3. It was crowded. I knew before going out there that this place was a big deal. They are a pretty large scale operation with a massive farm (over 600 acres), a market where they sell their fruits, vegetables, and just about every homemade item you can think of, a restaurant, bakery and more. I mean you can acutally go to the grocery store and find their products on the shelves - they are that big. So I knew it was bound to be busy, but looking back we should have planned to get there a lot earlier if we wanted to stand in line for both apple and pumpkin picking. We got there around 3:30PM and just managed to catch the last hayride to the pumpkin patch at 5:00PM. It was definitely a lot longer of a wait than I had expected.

Overall, I don't really have anything negative to say about Baugher's but I don't really have anything great to say either. It's a good place to go if you don't mind waiting in line for everything. They also have a ton of stuff for kids (face painting, moon bounce, petting zoo, play areas, etc.) which is nice, but if you don't have children, I honestly think a smaller farm might be better. We bought some of their apple cider that everyone raved about and it was definitely tasty. My only complaint would be their false advertising. The sign said "Hot apple cider" so I was expecting hot apple cider. What we got was more lukewarm apple cider. Not quite as comforting. I don't know, maybe the rain and the cold and the crowds dampened my mood, but I just wasn't really all that impressed with this place. Which is a bummer, but now we know for next year to stick a little closer to home.

The pumpkins that we ended up picking were huge! We were actually walking around the pumpkin patch trying to find smaller ones. We had a hard time getting ones that we could both carry back with us. In the end, Mike's pumpkin weighed almost 30 pounds and mine was about 22 pounds. Seriously. Those were the smallest we could find.

We took them over to my parents' house a few nights before Halloween and carved them. My mom had picked a pumpkin from our local Papa John's Farm (no relation to the pizza company) so they had one to carve too.
My favorite part of pumpkin carving every year is roasting the seeds with a little Old Bay. It's seriously the most delicious way to eat them. I'm pretty sure everyone from Maryland probably does this but seriously, it's so good.
I carved an owl into my pumpkin and it took me three times as long as everyone else spent on theirs. I always pick something more complicated than just a normal face. I may have learned my lesson this year.
Mike opted for a scary face and my dad carved a typical Jack-O-Lantern face that my mom designed.
I teased my mom saying that they always do the same face every year but then my mom pointed out that there was one year they did something different. They put a "grill" on their pumpkins teeth. Yes. It happened. Want proof?
Me posing with the pumpkin and his bling. Halloween 2010 

Only my parents.

Overall I think our pumpkins looked really nice on our front porch for Halloween.
I think even Carlisle liked them!

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