Snow Day!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No work todayyyy! When I woke up this morning and found out that my work had closed due to the snow, I was not only excited but actually a little relieved. Poor Mike is sick with whatever I had last week, so I'm glad I can stay home today to take care of him.

This is actually our second December snow day. The first one was only a couple of days ago on Sunday. We got about three inches or so and since we had such a busy Saturday, we took the day to relax, decorate our tree, and play in the snow. We even built a snowman!

On Saturday morning, we made our annual trip up to Shovaker's Quality Evergreens to pick out our Christmas tree. It was such a beautiful morning and our tree could not be more perfect for our first little home. We also bought a beautiful wreath for the front door. Shovaker's farm has seriously become our favorite place for trees and Christmas decor. Aside from the beauty of the evergreens, my favorite part is how incredible our house smells after we bring everything home!

If you're off work and school today, too, be sure to kick up your feet, enjoy a little hot cocoa, and relax! Happy Tuesday!

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