The Long Weekend

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'm not sure how everyone else's week has been going but mine has been slowww. After the long weekend, I've had a really hard time getting back into the swing of things and getting back up to speed on my projects at work. Being off for four and a half days was a blessing at the time but it completely messed up my work ethic.

I took a half day on Wednesday to do a little early birthday celebrating with my Mom. Her birthday was on Saturday but I wanted to take her out for a girl's day before winter dumped another big one on us. We left work early, went to lunch at a cute little spot near my house and then drove over to the eastern shore to do a little shopping at the outlets. Then we met up with my best friend Katie for pedicures and dinner. Both were incredibly luxurious. We went to dinner at this place called Annie's and stuffed ourselves with all kinds of delicous food. And after we were way too full, we indulged a little more and got two desserts to celebrate the occasion. It was way too much but it was fun nonetheless.

Mama with her brownie sundae.

When we left Annie's, the snow had started to fall and although it was a little slick driving home we made it back safely. The storm didn't let up for two days and my work was closed for the rest of the week. I honestly can't remember exactly how much we got but I know it was more than a foot. It kept changing back and forth from dry to wet so it was hard to get a good total since the slush kind of melted everything. It was probably the messiest storm I've seen in a while especially when the temps dropped again and froze everything into huge chunks of ice. Yuck.

Mike had off on Thursday but had to go in on Friday. We got a lot of housework accomplished during the break and even walked out to the grocery store to grab a movie (and the liquor store for wine) after we knocked out our to-do list. Mike had also gotten me some adorable little gifts over the week leading up to Valentine's day including a Smith Island Cake which we quickly devoured after shoveling out our cars.

He was so warm from shoveling he took his coat off.

I spent almost all of Friday doing more chores around the house and prepping for our Valentine's date that night. When Mike came home, we ventured up to Towson to the Melting Pot for a huge dinner and had a wonderful time. They even gave us a complimentary champagne toast and we got to keep the glasses!

We had a quiet day Saturday and went out that night to celebrate my Mom's birthday with some of her friends. (I'm starting to realize that gluttony was the major theme this weekend.) We had a big tasty dinner at Four Seasons Grille and then went back to my parents' house for cake and ice cream. We could barely eat any since the restaurant had given my Mom a birthday dessert as well but the cake was delcious so we couldn't resist.

On Sunday, my Dad and Mike got started on some of the electrical work we needed done at our house while my Mom, her sisters, and I went to Annapolis to our favorite teahouse for lunch - once again to celebrate my Mom's birthday. She's such a special person I'd celebrate her birthday all month if I could! We had tea and scones and soup and tiny sandwiches and desserts and it was delicous. Reynold's Tavern never disappoints.

If it wasn't already hard enough jumping back into the week after all of the fun, Monday decided to throw me a fast one. I don't want to relive all of the horrors of the day but I will share one super fun moment. Picture me walking into work (late as usual on Monday) sleepy and barely functional and running into on of my overly talkative coworkers only to have her point out that there is a pair of my lacy underwear stuck to the velcro on my front pocket for all to see. It apparently got stuck there when I washed my coat on Friday and I never noticed.

Story of my freaking life.


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    1. It was delicious! I may have to snag another one!

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