The City of Brotherly Love

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Over the weekend, we took a trip up to Philadelphia to do a little extended celebrating of my dad's birthday. My dad has been into coin collecting since he was a kid and so we thought it might be fun to pop up north for the day to tour the United States Mint.

We actually got to see a massive batch of pennies being made and it was so cool to learn about the process. From the formation of the blanks to the striking and inspection, we got to see how the coins are manufactured from up above the plant floor. When we first got there, not much was happening but right around noon the belts fired up and started moving. I was surprised to find out how few people it really takes at one plant to make all that money. We weren't allowed to take any photos inside, which makes sense, but it was still so neat!

After the Mint, we headed over to Independence Hall and took a tour. All of us have been there before but it just doesn't feel like a touristy trip to Philly if you don't pay a visit to the birthplace of our nation. There's just something about standing in the same room that the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution were both signed and seeing the actual chair that George Washington sat in as our first president that gives me goosebumps.


The guide was very funny and told us lots of interesting stories that I had not yet heard about our founding fathers. We absolutely love the HBO miniseries John Adams and he was able to tell us about some of the inaccuracies of the show and share what really happened.

After walking around for a bit, we were getting hungry so we headed down to South Street to snag a couple of authentic Philly cheesesteaks at Jim's. There are so many places to get a cheesesteak in Philly (you've probably heard of the rivalry between Pat's and Geno's) but we thought we would try a new place that was recommended to us from some locals.

The minute we walked in my mouth was watering. There was already a line which I was thankful for since I had never actually ordered my own cheesesteak before and it gave me time to figure out what to say to the grill guy. There's a little bit of a trick to it but I ended up getting "one, provolone, with onions and peppers" and it was deeelicious!


Our trip to Philly would not have been complete without a stop to the Philly Pretzel Factory. Every time Mike has gone up to visit family in Philly he always stops to get a massive steaming bag of Philly pretzels. We picked up five rows (for a total of 25 pretzels) to share with friends and family and headed back home.

We had a wonderful trip overall and enjoyed spending the day with my parents. I have to say that I'm so thankful to live on the East Coast where we have so much history around us. I really do love living in Maryland and being so close to so many great cities!


  1. How could I have gone to Philly and not known about the Pretzel Factory?!? Thanks for sharing!!

    1. They really are tasty! And you should get some if you go up again for sure!

  2. How cool! I love day trips, and yours looked like so much fun. You're so right about living in Maryland: we're close to so much and can get just about anywhere in less than 12 hours -- even New England! :) Lots of history, so much to do. We're Maryland girls through and through, eh? :)

    1. Indeed we are! Our proximity to all kinds of fun sights and cities is just unbeatable. It will always be one of my favorite things about living here.