Weekend Fun

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

After a long week, it's so nice to be able to enjoy a great weekend with friends and family.

This past weekend, we celebrated my dad's birthday and had a nice dinner at my parents' house. My dad's favorite meal is lasagna so, of course, that's what we had along with a big, decadent chocolate cake for dessert. It was so relaxing to just sit around visiting and telling stories with our families. I was a little upset that I couldn't enjoy a glass of wine with everyone since I gave up alcohol for Lent. My dad reminded me that on Sundays you can have a day off from your sacrifices but I kind of cheated and took my "break" on Saturday.

We had already planned to go to the Federal Hill Irish Stroll in Baltimore that day and bought our tickets a few months ago not realizing that it fell during Lent. We did the Canton stroll last year and had a blast so we were all really excited about going this year. It was probably pretty dumb to give up drinking right before you go to a pub crawl but I didn't want to completely cancel our plans. So instead I decided that if I allowed myself to drink on Saturday then I would abstain on Sunday. Complicated and probably the wrong way to go about Lent, yes, but worth it? Absolutely.

We ended up having a great time with our friends on Saturday and the weather was INCREDIBLE. I remember last year it actually snowed during the crawl so having beautiful, sunny 60 degree weather was quite a treat.


We had never really been to Federal Hill much so it was a good change of scenery. We wandered in and out of quite a few of the participating bars including No Way Jose, Ryleigh's Oyster, Stalking Horse, Mother's, Social Pub & Pie, and a few others. The food was just as awesome as the drink specials which made the day even better. If you're ever in the area, I definitely suggest checking it out!

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