Color Me Happy!

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

To say that we've had a colorful April would be a serious understatement.

Between Easter, all the beautiful Spring flowers popping up everywhere, some fun craft projects, and The Color Run last week, I can't seem to get enough!

We had a blast at The Color Run in Baltimore last year so I was super excited for the race again this year!

I'm sure most people have heard of it by now, but the Color Run is a 5K race where everyone dresses up in white and runs through stations along the course where people throw and spray colored powder on you so that at the end, you are nothing but a colorful, happy mess. It's a total blast!

My goal for this year was to run the entire 5K without stopping so that I could check off another 101 list item. And guess what?! I DID IT!

So long #19 - Run a 5K.

Runners to the left, walkers to the right - I never even touched the right side!

Last year, I had to stop and walk a few times so I was so incredibly happy when I crossed the finish line and had not stopped once the entire 3.1 miles!

I'm hoping now to start working on my next running goal - getting my mile time under 10 minutes... This will be a tough one for sure!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. Yay! I'm glad you loved the Color Run! I used to work for the people who put on Run For Your Lives Zombie 5K's and we did a lot of work with The Color Run people as well.
    Congrats on running the full 5K without stopping! We have the same goals. I am signing up for the Womens Classic in Baltimore in June and hoping to run the 5K without stopping! You should check it out

    1. That's awesome! I've always thought those Zombie runs were so cool too! And thank you :) I can't believe I finished!

      I didn't know about the Women's Classic in Baltimore but that sounds like a good race! I'm sure you'll do great! You just gotta keep pushing yourself. I'll have to see if I can still register, I think it would be good for me to sign up and keep my momentum going.

  2. all the color run pictures make me jealous - it looks like so much fun! i'm trying to convince my husband to run with me this summer - maybe this will convince him??

    1. You should totally do it! It's a blast! I'm sure once your husband sees how much fun it is, he'll want to join in :) We've done it two years in a row and can't wait to do it next year, too!