Monday, April 21, 2014

Was it just me or was yesterday a glorious day?

After church in the morning, we stopped by my parents' house to take some pictures in the warm sunshine under my mom's beautiful weeping cherry tree. Every spring, it's one of the first to bloom in their yard and I love taking Easter pictures in front of it if it's warm enough.

After the pictures, we got changed into some comfy clothes to relax before our early dinner.  Mike's mom joined us for the afternoon and we had a great time visiting with everyone. We enjoyed some delicious ham and potatoes, and of course wineee. I was so excited to be able to enjoy a big glass of moscato (or two) with dinner. FINALLY.

We spent some time after dinner going through some old boxes of keepsakes and watching home movies of past Easter's. In the boxes my dad brought up from the basement, we found a whole bunch of neat photos, one of which really caught my eye.

It's another awesome shot that our good family friend Rich Riggins took not long after I was born. I think it captures our little family perfectly.

We finished off the night by hanging out watching the O's game in Boston. It was really heartwarming to watch the tributes they put together for the Boston Marathon bombing. It's amazing how resilient the citizens of Boston and the marathon community are. The overwhelming support they showed for the families of those that were killed on that day really brought a tear to my eye.

We ended the evening with some delicous homemade angel food cake and strawberries. And of course, for me, a third and final glass of wine. It was a beautiful, perfect, lazy Sunday - just how I had hoped it would be.

And just because I can, here are some of the super cool outtakes from yesterday...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter!


  1. Yesterday was PERFECT for Easter sunday. I didn't watch the game but I have friends in Boston today running in the marathon. It's hard to believe that it's been a year.

    1. I know, I really can't believe it either. It feels like just yesterday I was watching it all on the news...

  2. Such a perfect Easter! I love your dress! I have been looking for one similar in royal blue, but no luck.

    1. Thanks so much! I snagged it from Kohls on sale last year - they always have great sales!

  3. I love that family pic! So cute!