Friday Five - Seattle Style!

Friday, May 2, 2014


Today is my last day of work before vacation!! Woohoo! I could not be more excited!

We are heading out to Seattle for a week and I cannot wait to hop on that plane! And since the flight is more than five hours, I think it will be a good opportunity for me to get some reading time in. I know this sounds incredibly nerdy but I am planning to start reading a couple chapters of my text book for my first grad school class coming up. Since it's been almost three years since I graduated, I think I need a little head start before jumping into Biochem again.

So for the post today, I wanted to put together a list of the top 5 things I'm excited to see in Seattle. We have a lot of awesome things planned and I'm looking forward to taking lots of photos to share with you when we get back!

1. Treehouse Point - For half of our trip, we will be staying in a fully furnished treehouse! If you've ever seen the show Treehouse Masters, you know what I'm talking about. The guy that builds them on the show is the same guy that owns this bed and breakfast. We've had this little item on our bucket list for a couple of years and we're so excited to be able to cross it off so soon!

2. Pike Place Market - When we visit this area of Seattle, we plan to be as touristy as we possibly can. We won't leave without visiting the original Starbucks, watching the guys throw all the fish, snagging some fresh flowers, and buying a bunch of neat souvenirs to take back to our friends and family.

3. Chihuly Garden and Glass- This one was recommended to us by one of my co-workers. We know that Seattle tends to be pretty rainy so we wanted to plan a few indoor activities for when the weather isn't so great. Chihuly is an art glass museum full of different pieces and sculptures made by the artist, Dale Chihuly, which the center was named after. From what I've been told, this exhibit is one of the coolest out there and we're super excited to see it!

4. Mountains, mountains, and more mountains - We are going to try and do some hiking while we are out there too. From what I've seen and heard, Washington is one of the most incredibly beautiful states in the nation with all of its wildlife and scenery. Hopefully we'll be able to hit a few different state parks and see some gorgeous sights during our stay.

Sorry guys, this is the best photo I could find - it really has been waaay too long...

5. Family! - I am most excited to see my family! I have an aunt and a bunch of cousins that live in that area and we are planning to try to meet up with everyone while we are in town. It's been a really long time since I've seen them (I mean it's not like we're separated by an entire country or anything) and Mike has never met them since they couldn't make it out for our wedding. I think it will be so great to get to catch up and spend some time with them!

I've also decided that due to limited internet connection, I am going to take a week off from blogging. But I do plan to be back here to share our journey as soon as we get home!

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