Memorial Day at Home

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Since Mike and I started dating, there has not been a Memorial Day weekend that we've celebrated at home. We've always made the trip up to Mike's family's cottage in Maine for their annual "work weekend" to open up The Mayflower for the start of the summer season.

We absolutely love going up there to visit with his extended family and it's so nice to catch up with everyone after the long winter. We usually stay in the cottage and work on projects the whole weekend - painting, cleaning, or fixing things - and then we usually celebrate Mike's birthday (a few days early) with everyone before driving back down to Maryland on Memorial Day.

It's a long trek but we love doing it, so this year we were pretty bummed when I got hit with a respiratory virus that kept us from making the trip. I started feeling crappy on Thursday and called out of work for the rest of the week. I tried resting up as much as I could so that I would have energy for our nine hour journey up north but by the time Friday afternoon rolled around - I knew we weren't going anywhere. I went to the doctor's and got some meds but there was just no way I could stand that long of a car ride only to likely be sick in bed for half of the weekend. So, instead, I slept on and off for the rest of the day.

I've never been one to have much patience for getting sick. For some reason, the minute I start feeling gross, I get annoyed. To me, it always feels like the biggest waste of time and a major inconvenience. (I know that sounds a little ridiculous but it's true!) After a day or two at home I start getting antsy and try desperately to get back to somewhat of a normal routine regardless of how I am feeling. So by Saturday afternoon I was determined not to be chained to the bed the whole weekend.

Because we had originally planned to go to Maine, we had cancelled plans to attend Mike's cousin Shea's graduation party, but since we were home, I refused to miss both Maine and the celebration. So, late that afternoon, after a good rest, a gallon of OJ, and some miraculous medication, I was feeling well enough to make the trip down to Takoma Park.


We spent the afternoon relaxing outside, playing on a nearby playground (and with adorable little Caroline - ahhh those cheeks!), and just enjoying the beautiful day. It was just what I needed - a chance to get out of the house and enjoy a little fresh air with family and to celebrate Shea's graduation from college - we are so proud of him!

The rest of the weekend, we took it pretty easy, too. We mostly just bopped around to different cookouts and family events and even made it to a local carnival on Sunday night. We felt like kids again riding rides and playing games, and of course devouring a massive funnel cake to end the evening.

We found a little box turtle in the back yard on Sunday! So cute I had to take his picture!

All in all, it was good to recharge at home this Memorial Day but I'm sure next year we will be back at it up at the cottage!

I hope that everyone had a wonderfully Happy Memorial Day as well! And as always, thank you to all of the service men and women in our military that have served and currently serve to protect our country. We are so incredibly blessed to live in this wonderful nation and it's all because of the sacrifices you and your families choose to make for us every single day. Freedom isn't free. So thank you again for all that you do!


  1. Ohhh boo! I'm sorry you weren't able to make the trip, but it sounds like you made the most of the weekend! I loved your carnival pics on Instagram!

    1. Thank you!! We had a lot of fun and it was good to just take it easy the whole weekend.