A Small Act of Kindness

Friday, June 27, 2014

Today is a wonderful day. Not only because it's Friday and the weather is going to be beautiful, but because this morning, completely unexpectedly, a small act of kindness was bestowed upon me and in turn I got to pay it forward right on the spot.

As I was pulling through the drive-thru to pay for my morning iced coffee, the cashier informed me that my drink had been paid for by the woman in front of me. While this has happened countless times in the past to pretty much everyone, it has never happened to me. I don't go through drive-thru's that often so I was a little taken aback by what she said. I was so surprised! What a great way to start a Friday!

After she passed me my coffee, I handed her my credit card and asked to her charge the order of the car behind me to it. She smiled and thanked me and as I drove away I felt so incredibly happy. It was then that I realized another reason to celebrate the kindness - it's on my 101 list!

#89 - Pay for the person behind me in a Starbucks Dunkin drive-thru.

While it isn't Starbucks, I still think it counts!

I know this kind of stuff happens all the time but it seriously amazes me how great something as small as paying for someone else's coffee makes you feel. I know I will carry this feeling with me through today and into the weekend and who knows, maybe I'll do it again tomorrow! So much fun!

Pass on the love my friends!

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