Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I did a post like this one back in the fall and since it has officially been more than eight months (and I have nothing else prepared for today) let's do it again!

Making: Eggs. Eggs of all kinds. Every morning, too. Not sure where the obsession came from but I love it.
Cooking: Eggs again. (Woo, this is going great.)
Drinking: Sun tea. The best drink in the summer time.
Reading: "The Principles of Biochemistry" - betcha don't want a book review for that one...
Wanting: to lay on the beach for approximately a month.
Looking: at all of the lovely recipes everyone is posting today.
Playing: Spotify - my entire playlist devoted to Jake Dylan.
Wasting: time on Pinterest dreaming up the perfect dinner party.
Sewing: absolutely nothing. Sad face.
Wishing: I could get a tan.
Enjoying: the perfect weather this week. 80s and sunny every day.
Waiting: for a special Etsy order to arrive!
Liking: Dunkin Donuts Cookie Dough Iced Coffee.
Wondering: what I will have for lunch.
Loving: the daylight that lasts until nearly 9:00PM.

Hoping: that this day goes fast.
Marvelling: at all the tropical places everyone is traveling to this summer.

Needing: a professional massage. Desperately.
Smelling: formalin. ew.
Wearing: white jeans. I'm new to this whole thing but I'm loving it!
Following: the USA in the World Cup! Can't wait for the game this week!
Noticing: how fast this year is going by.
Knowing: I should take a little time for myself this week.
Thinking: we should go for an early morning hike on Sunday.
Bookmarking: Maryland Wine Tours for a little adventure next month!

Opening: about a hundred useless work emails.
Giggling: at the 29 Most American Things That Have Ever Happened.
Feeling: content :)

Have a terrific Tuesday!


  1. Omg I cracked up at 22...with Harry Potter.

    1. Hahaha I know it really was one of the best ones!