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Friday, June 6, 2014

Good morning, friends!

Have you heard? Today is National Donut Day! I had absolutely no idea that donuts even had their own holiday but when I went to grab my iced coffee from Dunkin this morning, they asked me what kind of donut I wanted and when I told them I didn't order one, they informed me that it was FO' FREE!

Chocolate Sprinkle please!

So be sure to swing by your local donut shop and snag one - or three like me. (Multiple trips, guys, multiple trips.)

Anywho, I wanted to pop in to say that I am most definitely still alive and breathing but since I started my first grad school class on Monday, I've pretty much had my nose buried in my Biochem textbook the whole week.  I mean, I've been so dedicated to the subject that I literally had a dream the other night that I was riding piggy back on a water molecule named "Stan" and we were checking out all of the other molecules he could bond with and grading them based on their electronegativity.

Sooo, yep. There's that.

To be honest, I've actually been avoiding my blog. Partly because I've been trying not to fall behind with the insane amount of reading we have for class but also because I still have not gotten my ish together with our Seattle pictures.

It's literally been a month since our trip and I've been kicking myself about not posting about our super awesome adventures. I really cannot wait  to share everything (or apparently I can), it's just I haven't really had the time. So, naturally, I've just been ignoring this space altogether. Which makes me sad because I really do love coming here.

So even though I've got an entire weekend ahead of me dedicated to science (hopefully sans crazy dreams) I made a promise to myself that I will take some time to relax by writing a couple of posts for next week.

So look out for the big wad of treehouse-y, Emerald city goodness coming your way next week!

Happy weekend everybody!

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