Dare Theory - Do You Dare?

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Last weekend, Mike and I and two of our good friends, Matt and Ali, ventured downtown to experience Dare Theory for the first time. It's a relatively new event in Baltimore (I think the first year was last year) and I have to say, we will most definitely be doing it again next year!

The idea is that you create teams of 2-6 people and run all around the city trying to cross off as many "dares" as you possibly can in four hours. They give you a list of 50 dares that are worth different points. As you complete them, you take a photo or video and send it to the Dare Theory instagram account so that they can approve them as you go through the list. At the end, the top 10 teams with the most points win a bunch of awesome prizes.

We came in 44th place. Yea, I know, we suck. But regardless, we still had a ton of fun! Some of our favorite dares were:

#2 - Stand in a fountain and do a fish face.

#5 - Wink next to a Natty Boh head.

#13 - Make a sand angel at Rash Field.

#14 - Have a stranger pour a drink into your mouth without touching your lips.

#19 - Barrel roll down Fed Hill.

#30 - Do the Titanic pose with a stranger on a boat/ship.

#45 - Get licked in the face by a dog.

We were also dared to sing 'NSync with five male strangers, dance on a bar, dance on a pole, arm wrestle a stranger with a mustache, get a stranger to show us their underwear, challenge strangers to a chug-off, and a ton of other outrageous things!

I wish I could figure out how to put up some of the hilarious videos we got (like us singing the Spongebob theme song while dangling our feet over the harbor and robot dancing at Ripley's) but I am technology challenged today.

We had an absolute blast, so if you're looking for something fun (and a little crazy) to do in either the D.C. or Philadelphia area, Dare Theory is coming your way soon! Check out their website for tickets!

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