Little black dress

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My hunt for the perfect little black dress has finally ended!

One random day a few weeks ago, I was meeting a friend for dinner and drinks in Towson and thought I would pop into Urban Outfitters to look around beforehand. Let me first say, I almost never go into Urban Outfitters. For a few good reasons actually.

One, the prices. Ugh. There's nothing worse than finding a sweater or pair of pants that you are absolutely in love with only to glance down at the tag and see three digits staring back at you from behind that dollar sign. Yikes.

Two, they have a reputation for being a bit controversial. Whether it's shirts that say "Eat Less" or offering a black top where the color option is listed as "Obama/black," they always manage to tick someone off.

And three... well, mostly the prices.

But, regardless, I had some time to kill and it was pretty much the only store in walking distance that wasn't a restaurant, so I went in to look around. After glancing through the entire store, I was getting ready to leave when right by the door, I spotted a rack of little black dresses and immediately rushed over to see if there was one that might work. I've gotten into the habit of doing this over the last few months since I've been dying to find one to wear for our anniversary dinner.

The minute I saw this one, I knew it would be coming home with me.
This was the night we went out for our anniversary.

I rushed to the fitting room, tried it on, and fell in love. I have an affinity for backless dresses and the skater style of the skirt on this one was just perfect. I love how head on from the front it looks completely formal, but from the back, it's much more dramatic. And it's not too short either. That tends to be a problem with skater dresses.

The best part was that it was only $69. For me, for a well made dress that fit me like a glove and that I know I will wear time and time again, it was a bargain.

So goodbye #70 - Find the perfect Little Black Dress.

Woohoo! It feels good to knock another one off the list!


  1. Laura, I agree with you 100%. You definitely found the perfect little black dress! It's gorgeous. Not really for my body type but boy, you are rocking' it! I'm still on the hunt, but this one hit the nail in the head. :)

    1. Thank you so much!! :) It is surprising how difficult it can be to find one you like!