October Blog Challenge

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

It's no secret that I've had a hard time blogging over the last few weeks. Life has felt so blah and uninspiring... and as usual, when I lose my motivation and excitement for life, I lose my motivation and excitement for blogging.

I know, I know... same old story. This isn't news to anyone.

We all go through times in life when things just sort of sink into slump. Whether you blog or not, there are ups and downs for everyone. I totally understand this, so I won't continue to blab on about it.

Instead I want to introduce you to my solution! And what is that, you ask? Well, Blogtober of course!

(Uhhh, let's talk about how I just typed "ov course" up there and didn't see any problem with it at first... Wow, clearly this challenge is coming at a very good time...)

Helene in Between

BLOGTOBER! A Blog every day in October Challenge!

I've done a couple of these kinds of challenges with Jenni before and I've loved them. This one seems like fun, too. After looking through the prompts, some of them seem to be similar to topics that I've already covered in past posts but I'll do my best to answer them without sounding like a broken record.

I'm so excited to get started! October is bound to be a wonderful month! For all you bloggers reading, I hope you join in the fun as well!

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