Moment On A Monday

Monday, November 24, 2014

Last week we said goodbye to Mike's grandparent's home of more than 50 years. It was where his mom and her siblings grew up, where Mike lived next door nearly his entire life, and where his grandmother passed just a year ago. Mike's Uncle Jeff said it best in his post on settlement day about "Whit's End" which they named the property...

"Whit’s End has ended. Late this afternoon Whit’s End, the family home of Trudy, Whit and their four children: Jeff, Steve, Judy & Kathy, passed. For over 50 years, this crazy home was like a Hogwarts providing its own magic, delight and idiosyncrasies that was never even remotely captured in a HUD-1 settlement statement, transfer of funds and real estate funeral directors that surrounded its passing. Hidden doors, a snake pit, Sunset point, shed turned chemistry lab and summer hangout, spectacular view, never-ending rooms of unusual stuff. Ah the stories that we can tell."
Every Time we Say Goodbye by Ella Fitzgerald on Grooveshark


  1. Aw it's so hard to say goodbye even to a house! But Uncle Jeff said it best, it's the memories that will last a lifetime. xoxo