Well Hey There December!

Monday, December 1, 2014

It is so incredibly hard to believe that we have officially reached the last 31 days of 2014. I seriously don't know where the year went! In only a few short weeks, we'll be waking up to brand new 2015!

Mike and I have been pretty busy over the last few weeks, just trying to soak in all that this season has to offer. Aside from wrapping up my second grad school class, we've been focusing on spending time with family, catching up with friends, and decorating for the holidays.

Our thanksgiving was absolutely fantastic and filled to the brim with love and laughter. We spent so much time enjoying all the food, games, friends, and family that we totally forgot to take pictures! We did manage to get a few moments here and there but even without photos it was a memorable year to say the least.

We ran a 5K Turket Trot on the morning of Thanksgiving and headed back to my parent's house afterward to cook and spend time with family the rest of the day. Mike's mom came to dinner with all of us and we thoroughly enjoyed a few rounds of drinks, games, and a late showing of "The Princess Bride" after the meal.

On Black Friday, we opted out of any shopping excursions but went up to our good friends Chelsea and Jordan's house for our first annual "Friendsgiving." It was by far the craziest evening we've spent at their house but we had a total blast and can't wait to do it again next year!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up with friends that were in town and then taking a road trip up to Showvaker's Quality Evergreens like we do each year to hunt down our Christmas tree.

We got our tree home, decorated him up real nice, and spent the rest of the afternoon listening to Christmas music and decking the halls both inside and out. We are planning to put up our outdoor lights this week!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year! Happy December!


  1. I agree 100% WHERE DID THE YEAR GO?! I feel like it was just Valentine's day!
    I love that you guys ran a 5K on Thanksgiving morning. That is one sure fire way to not feel guilty about eating seconds at dinner!
    Love the tree!

    1. I know, right?! It's blowing my mind! And thank you! :) Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving!