Our Holiday

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

If you had the opportunity to take some time off for the holiday, I hope you were able to enjoy it as much as I did, because guys, it was the best, most relaxing holiday break I have ever had.

I took off for twelve straight days and it was glorious. I disconnected completely from work and school and spent the holiday really soaking in time with friends and family.

We hosted a really nice Christmas Eve dinner at our place for my parents and it was so much fun! I've never made a big fancy dinner at home before, so I had a great time setting the table up, decorating, shopping, and preparing everything beforehand. I even cooked a ham for the first time on my own in our tiny little oven! We all went to church earlier that evening and then came back to our house afterward. We ate and drank and laughed and it was so nice to start a new tradition.

I had to take a picture of Mike's wrap job for gifts this year in case people didn't believe me when I told them. Check out all that duct tape... He's such a dude.


Christmas Day was just as fun! We spent the morning just the three of us (you know I have to count Carlisle) opening presents and eating our traditional baked pumpkin french toast. Mike and I kept it pretty simple with gifts this year, mainly getting each other things we needed but Mike gifted me a full day at the spa complete with a hot stone and aromatherapy massage, hand massage, steam, and a spa manicure. Have you ever done a paraffin dip? All I have to say is ho-ly cow. The whole day was so relaxing and exactly what I needed to end the year on a high note. I also got to check it off my 101 list!

We spent the afternoon on Christmas Day at lunch with Mike's dad and then the evening with my parents. We had our steak and lobster that night, of course - my favorite tradition!

The next day, we were up early to head to Delaware to spend one night with Mike's mom and sister at their new house. We opened more gifts (we were totally spoiled this year!), baked a batch of Grammy's pfeffernusse, played games all night, and even took a trip to Bethany Beach!

We are so glad that we got to spend time with everyone this year and we're even more excited about all of the new traditions we are starting!

The rest of our break was spent relaxing, movie and football watching, organizing things around the house (I can't wait to show you pictures of the basement!), eating and drinking enough for forty people, and starting a new kickboxing routine as a result of all that eating and drinking.

Overall, it was a beautiful holiday and I hope that everyone else had a great one, too! Happy New Year to all of you! I can't wait to see what 2015 brings!


  1. Ahhh this was the first time I was able to take off the two weeks too! It was INCREDIBLE! I'm glad you had a relaxing break!
    Yay Delaware! I am so glad you had a great time at the beach and were able to spend a winter day there. I love the beach so much more when it's cold and there are less people!

    1. That's awesome! I'm so glad you got some time off too! :) It really feels great to re-charge after working so hard. And I can't believe how close you were when we were over there! I wish we had been staying for longer so we could have met up! Let me know if you want to grab drinks or coffee somewhere downtown though now that you're back in the city!

  2. Looks like a great holiday! I wish my work gave us off :(

    1. Thanks so much! And that's a bummer that you didn't have off :( I'm sure you're looking forward to your next vacation!