Welcome to the family, Gifted!

Monday, February 23, 2015

Valentine's Day was quite a special day this year for our family. While I was headed down to Florida, my parents were welcoming our newest four-legged family member to his new home!

Everyone, meet Gifted!

He is the sweetest 5-year-old horse around! He is a chestnut appendix - meaning he is a mix of both quarterhorse and thoroughbred. And, for being just a baby, he is incredibly calm and cooperative. He has only been with us for about a week but already his personality is shining through.

Gifted on the right with his buddy Moon.

When we were down at the barn yesterday, we got a video of him flipping over all of the buckets looking for extra food. Every time mom would go flip one back over, he would be right there behind her.

We've got a lot to learn as we are just getting to know him, but we are eager and excited to love on this sweet boy! He's got many wonderful years ahead of him and we are so lucky to call him our own!