Irish Strollin'

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

It's become a bit of a tradition for Mike and I and our two good friends, Matt and Ali, to celebrate St. Patrick's Day at one of Baltimore's best parties of the year - the Federal Hill Irish Stroll.

This is our third year shamrockin' and rollin' through the city all decked out in green and much to our surprise, each year has become increasingly more fun!

We don't often venture into Fed Hill very much - when we head into the city it's mostly either to PowerPlant or Fells Point - but we love using these bar crawls as an excuse to check out some of the awesome hot spots we don't usually visit.

We kicked off the crawl at No Way Jose, spent a couple hours dancing (there may have even been a little jigging) at Stalking Horse, grabbed some crushes at Ryleigh's Oyster, and then made our way over to Mother's for some outdoor shenanigans. (While we mostly went for the drink specials, the food at these places is pretty out of this world too, in case you are looking for a good place to eat in the city!)

We had planned to hit Ropewalk Tavern as our last stop but the weather this year was kind of crappy and so most of the bars - especially popular ones like Ropewalk - were packed to capacity. There were insanely long wait times for almost all of the other bars, too, so we figured we would give our legs a break and just stay put.

Overall, the day was a roaring success! We thoroughly enjoyed spending an entire Saturday hanging out and pretending to be Irish! If you ever find yourself in the Baltimore area on St. Patty's Day and aren't opposed to day drinking, I highly recommend checking it out!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. What a fun day! Judging by the photos it's clear that you had a blast. I was lame this year and didn't celebrate St. Patty's Day at all, boo. Hopefully next year!

  2. Stalking Horse is my fave in Fed Hill besides No Idea. I was sad to not be in town this year for St. Pattys day, but now I have Opening Weekend to look forward too!

  3. How fun! This is a great tradition. The photos show an awesome time indeed.